Arkam is ...

Mark & Adam have been best friends and collaborators since they met on the playground in third grade. In 2012 they joined creative forces and started Arkam LLC in an effort to combine their unique and diverse professional backgrounds with a shared passion for art. Arkam has since created everything from real time interactive experiences for live events to traditional show graphic packages for clients including Google, Time Warner Cable, Nintendo, YouTube,  IGN and Machinima to name a few.

Mark Wells graduated from The Cooper Union in 1999 and started his career working on visual effects for film, TV and commercials. Prior to co-founding Arkam, He was an integral part of a small team at 3dsite/Living Pictures developing and creating real-time animated characters for Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) and Pixar. His first collaborative project was Turtle Talk with Crush which allows audiences to talk and interact with the popular, laid back turtle from Finding Nemo. While Crush’s screen time in the movie is only a few minutes, the project’s success is in its ability extend the character’s reach beyond the film and meaningfully connect with audiences. After completing Turtle Talk he went on to create series of real-time animated projects such as Monster Inc. Laugh Floor located at Disney World MGM and Stitch’s Encounter located in Hong Kong and Euro Disney. During those projects Mark worked as Lead Character Technical Director and help manage a team of 25 other artists including modelers, animators, programmers and concept artists.

Adam Jenkins is an award winning designer and animator. After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1999, Adam started his career at the Wow Factor Inc (WFI) creating motion graphics for several big digital billboards in Times Square. While at WFI he created animations for clients such as Coca-Cola, Toshiba, Discover Card and Sketchers winning multiple Aurora, Addy, and Telly Awards along the way. In 2006 Adam joined the the fast-paced world of daily live television production at G4TV’s “Attack of the Show” (AOTS) and “X-Play.” From concept to completion, he was responsible for creating graphics for over 1000 episodes of television. He has also worked on “The Joel McHale Show” and “Norm Macdonald Has a Show” collaborating with a talented team of comedy writers and producers to design and execute title sequences, digital shorts and visual effects.